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I*m alone here, Im standing and I know its my fault. I could have been more lovely and nice to you but In fact I*m not the type of person who gives up and cry

I'm fighting, Ithougt, but I'm just hanging around here thinking. Nobody wants someone who is just coming if everythings alright, I need someone to hold, no matter how hard I have to try , so don't throw me away and let me in, inside another Life.But nobody wants me and nobody needs me, so I lay down with too much power. So please believe me I haven*t really try to reach someone and  there wasn*t  someone to hold, cause I was true and faithful just for you, when you love someone you are faithful no matter if he's gone. So I don*t care. I*m still alone here. Still standing and knowing it was my fault, but I*m not the person whos looking and hoping for another guy! When you*re gone with a girl by your site, you*ve lost me and you*ve given me away to another guy!

japsidudel^^ Gehirnmatsch hab zu viel musik hört^^




26.10.07 14:56

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